Review: The Analogues’ Magical Mystery Tour at Norwich Theatre Royal

NNF16. The Analogues. Photo: supplied.

NNF16. The Analogues. Photo: supplied. - Credit: supplied

The Analogues are a musical wonder from Holland on a mission to bring the actuality of Beatles' songs alive. The Norwich debut on their UK visit fairly rocked the Theatre Royal.

To hear the Beatles' studio songs starting with the 1967 'Magical Mystery Tour' that they themselves never performed on stage played live and authentically was a truly magical experience.

To have the multiple layers and arrangements of a variety of songs presented after painstaking research and acquisition of amazing vintage instruments was to discover a whole new dimension of the Beatles' music and to appreciate in full just how innovative they were.

And they are still inspirational. A packed audience from different generations appreciated classics such as 'I am the Walrus', 'Penny Lane', Strawberry Fields Forever', 'All You Need Is Love' and the evocative 'Fool on the Hill' from a sublime ensemble of wind, brass, violins, cello, piano, guitars, drums and vocal solos and harmonies.

There were old slides and movie footage along with psychedelic effects and a display of backlighting to add to the all-round visual impact, but it was the sheer joy of the music that stirred memories, ideas and spread joy as the soul soared.

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David Porter

• The show was part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

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