REVIEW: Seasick Steve welcomed by Suffolk crowds at Latitude Festival

Seasick Steve

Luckily for audiences at the Obelisk Arena the sun appeared just in time for one of Latitude's quirkiest performers, Seasick Steve.

Possibly America's most well known former busker, he wowed crowds with his unique set, in which he played his own homemade and restored guitars.

He showed off three of them, which included a three-stringed number made from two Morris Minor hubcaps and a salvaged guitar he rescued and brought back to life.

He also pulled up a very honoured lady on to the stage and sang a love song to her.

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Although his set was more mainstream rather than the traditional country blues style most prevalent in his earlier music, anyone watching his performance would have still admired his music technicalities.

Seasick Steve has been performing since his childhood and hit the big time in the UK after his appearance on Jools Holland's 'Annual Hootenanny' in 2006.

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Seasick Steve is due to release his fifth album 'You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks'.

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