Revealed: Primary school league tables 2015 for Norfolk, north Suffolk and east Cambridgeshire

How did your school do in today's primary school league tables?

How did your school do in today's primary school league tables? - Credit: Getty Images

Here are the primary school league table figures from this summer's Key Stage 2 tests for Norfolk, north Suffolk and east Cambridgeshire. Norfolk and Suffolk remain among the worst performing parts of England for end-of-primary-school test results, according to the stats out today.

The above table shows the 2015 primary school league tables for schools in the EDP region, based on the results of tests taken by Year 6 pupils in the summer.

The value added measure is a way of assessing a school's effectiveness in terms of progress children made between finishing Key Stage 1 and the end of Key Stage 2. Scores above 100 mean pupils, on average, made more progress than similar pupils nationally, while scores below 100 mean pupils made less progress.

Click here for six key points from the league tables

Click here for a map of primary school league table results

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