Reunion party in Lowestoft aims to take 90s generation back to their youth

 The Aquarium, Lowestoft will be hosting a 90's reunion for people who used to attend Tiffens/Hedley

The Aquarium, Lowestoft will be hosting a 90's reunion for people who used to attend Tiffens/Hedley House nightclubs. Kelly Eade with her children, Brooke and Kenzie and the promotional poster.PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

If you grew up in the 1990s you might remember Tamagotchis, brick-like mobile phones and a dazzling new invention called the internet.

And later this month, all those memories will come flooding back as Kelly Eade and her 90s crew of town DJs from the decade aim to reunite a generation.

The 35-year-old mother-of-three, from Carlton Colville, organised her first party to celebrate the decade of Britpop at The Aquarium music venue at the Claremont Pier, in Kirkley, last year.

Hundreds of people turned out for the Hedley House and Tiffin's reunion, in memory of the two popular nightclubs where many people now aged in their 30s danced the night away. But while this year's event will still contain items from the decade including old music videos by Oasis, photos of England's near triumph at Euro '96 and iconic advertisements, Miss Eade said: 'This time it will be more like a gathering of old friends.

'We did lots of quirky bits last year but what people cared about most was each other. They just wanted to have fun together and see how old friends were getting on.'

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Part of the attraction of the event, Miss Eade said, is that it takes people back to 'carefree days when they didn't have responsibilities like children, bills and work - where they were just out having fun'.

Tickets for this year's event on Saturday, September 17, from 9pm to 2am, cost £5 if booked in advance and are available by contacting Kelly Eade on Facebook. It will include 10 DJs who performed in Lowestoft during the 90s, with Matt Jenner joining this year's line-up .

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