Residents speak of disruption caused by long-burning fire at North Runcton, near King’s Lynn

The fire in North Runcton is still alight. Picture: Ian Burt

The fire in North Runcton is still alight. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

Residents living near to fire at a large pile of scrap timber which has been burning for almost a fortnight have spoken about the disruption the blaze has caused to their everyday lives.

The fire at North Runcton can be seen from miles away. Picture: Ian Burt

The fire at North Runcton can be seen from miles away. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

Waste wood stored at North Runcton, off the A10 near King's Lynn, was set alight on Saturday, January 21.

More than 50 firefighters were needed to bring the blaze at Manor Farm under control - and the fire brigade has kept a watching brief on the site, along with environmental health and Environment Agency officers.

The remains of the fire are still smoking and sending fumes into the surrounding areas.

Residents living adjacent to the site in Chequers Lane said they are still having to stay indoors and keep windows shut due to the stench from the fire.

North Runcton drone image (Picture: Archant)

North Runcton drone image (Picture: Archant) - Credit: Archant

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Pat Clare, 78, said: 'I've not been able to go into the garden. It's winter so we can keep everything shut anyway but more than normal.

'It's calming down now but at night-time you can still see the flames.

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'When the smoke does come this way you get a little sneezy and a little cough, but nothing serious - but for other people it must be different.

'The council have been coming round a couple of times to make sure we're ok.'

Neighbour Beata Dyrda said: 'When the fire was at its worst our car was covered in ash and it kept happening, so we eventually gave up clearing it up.

'It's not so bad anymore and we've been lucky that the smoke is moving towards West Winch way, so we're not as affected.'

Freddy Rice, 68, who lives on Pine Tree Chase, at nearby West Winch, said: 'My wife is asthamatic the smoke from the fire has affected her greatly.

'We usually sleep with the window open and it is impossible to do now as it still stinks outside.

'That this fire has now been burning for two weeks makes me think that a purely waste wood fire should surely have burned out by now but the villagers have been told to shut their doors and windows and to spend as little time outside as they can.

'I am at a loss to know what to do or even how to go about doing something.'

West Norfolk Council has said that the pile of waste wood had reduced in size by 70pc since it first caught alight.

However it is warned the fire was expected to burn for a further five to six days. It may then smoulder for up to two weeks.

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