Residents on mission to improve their “deteriorating” Watton estate

Residents on the Lovell Gardens estate in Watton have formed an association with the aim of improvin

Residents on the Lovell Gardens estate in Watton have formed an association with the aim of improving its public areas. Pictured: Sarah Hollis, Christine Nye, Claire Blake, Ky Reeve and son Alfie, Adam Hollis, Rob Brett and Paulena Igelska. - Credit: Archant

Disgruntled residents who feel the open spaces on their estate have been allowed to deteriorate are taking matters into their own hands.

The newly formed association on the Lovell Gardens estate in Watton is aiming to improve the public car parking and green spaces in the area and tackle its problems with fly tipping.

The association, which currently has around 10 members, plans to appeal to Breckland Council for help to stop the fly tipping.

It has also had an offer from Bennett homes, which is developing the neighbouring Signals site, to create a concreted car park for Lovell Gardens residents on a neglected area known as the mound, where disputed issues over land ownership have left the space neglected.

Rob Brett, who is spearheading the group, said: 'Because no one actually owns the land, it falls into rack and ruin and no one worries about tidying up.

'But it has now gone beyond the point where either one of us could do it. We need support from Breckland Council and Watton Town Council to do anything.

'Bennett Homes say that they want to improve local communities, and they really care about it.'

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One group member, Christine Nye, believes the estate had 'deteriorated', partly due to a high turnover of tenants.

Another member, Sarah Hollis, said: 'With the fly-tipping you never see people doing it. There is a hot spot right outside my gate. It's not safe for the kids, it's disgusting.'

Many residents believe that there is not enough car parking on the estate, which was built in the early 1970s.

Ky Reeve said: 'When I grew up the standards of life were different, my family didn't have a car. It's a fact of modern life that they need to catch up with.

'Most developers don't car but Bennett seem to be different. If Bennett Homes, who are not part of the community, can care, then why can't Breckland Council?'

Mr Brett added: 'It would be helpful if Breckland Council came to look at the area and came up with some real solutions for the problems.'

The association are planning an event on Sunday, August 7 to get together and tidy up the Norwich Road end of the estate, with the aim of holding a community barbecue in the evening.

If you would like to get involved with the residents' group, contact Rob Brett on 07956 599863.