Reports that people in Norfolk felt effects of 3.9-magnitude earthquake

Reports from people who felt the Grimsby earthquake, as lodged with organisaiton EMSC. Pic: EMSC.

Reports from people who felt the Grimsby earthquake, as lodged with organisaiton EMSC. Pic: EMSC. - Credit: EMSC

People in Norfolk have reported that they felt the effects of a 3.9-magnitude earthquake which hit Lincolnshire on Saturday night.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) said the seismic event took place at 11.14pm on Saturday with its epicentre in Grimsby and at a depth of 18 kilometres (11 miles).

It was felt in north east Lincolnshire, north Lincolnshire and Hull, the BGS added.

But, independent scientific organisation EMSC, which collates reports of earthquakes, received reports via its app from people in Norwich, King's Lynn and Cromer who said they had felt the effects of the quake.

One person in Norwich, which is about 90 miles from the earthquake's epicentre posted that: 'The house shook slightly twice, about five minutes apart.'

And another in Cromer posted: 'It was a sudden quick judder / nudge. Very short in duration', while somebody in King's Lynn submitted their eyewitness report of 'One door swung shut'.

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Chris Bell, a forecaster at University of East Anglia-based Weatherquest last night tweeted to ask if anybody had felt the earthquake in Norfolk.

Abi Cooke, from Guist, near Dereham contacted us to say: 'My bathroom is in an archway with no building underneath, I have a metal ornament in my bathroom that always shakes when lorries go past, however I noticed it was shaking longer than usual and there was no traffic passing, I thought at the time that it feels like a mini earthquake.'

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And Stephen Mamone said: 'Felt the mini quake in Little Walsingham, North Norfolk, last night. Our bedroom vibrated. We thought it was either a lorry or a passing jet at first until the realisation set in!'

June Seagrave, who lives in Barford, near Norwich, is now something of an earthquake veteran. She said: 'Definitely felt it – just like one of the other people said: 'It was a sudden quick judder / nudge. Very short in duration'.

'Had been reading in bed and, wondering if it might have been an earthquake, immediately checked the time: 11.14pm.

'It reminded me of the time I'd felt a similar one in Yorkshire a few years ago around Christmas/New Year time. But much, much less than the Boxing Day quake in Dumfries in 2006!'

She has also experienced earthquakes in Vancouver, Rome and Loutraki in Greece.

The earthquake comes nearly a decade after the 5.2-magnitude earthquake in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, which was felt widely across England and Wales.

The largest earthquake this year took place in Cwmllynfell in south Wales on February 17 and registered a magnitude of 4.6.

The BGS said earthquakes of such size occur approximately every two years in the UK. But they said worldwide there are approximately 8,000 events every year that are larger than the one in Lincolnshire last night.

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