Reports show that James Paget Hospital has 280 vacancies- and three patients breach 12-hour trolley wait

James Paget University Hospital, Gorleston, Norfolk.

James Paget University Hospital, Gorleston, Norfolk. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Reports published at the James Paget University Hospital in Gorleston said it currently has 280 vacancies for medical staff.

A report to the board of directors on Friday, showed that some vacancies are filled by the hospital's own bank staff and some locum staff.

The hospital trust says it was trying to recruit some of its locum staff into A&E and anaesthetics departments.

Current vacancies include 25 senior and nine junior doctor roles.

The Gorleston hospital also said it was increasing its usage on social media and Skype recruit overseas.

Dawn Cumby, associate director of workforce, said: 'The first cohort of nurses arrived in the UK this week, comprising of seven Filipino nurses and six Indian nurses.

'The hospital conducted further interviews in January and offered 27 jobs to Indian nurses with 31 more to be offered posts by the end of next month.'

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Also at the Board of Directors meeting, it was revealed that three patients breached their 12 hour-trolley wait.

Sue Watkinson, director of operations, said: 'On Sunday, January 3, the Trust saw unprecedented ambulance conveyance rates which meant that on January 4 the Trust declared an internal major incident.

'As a result, three patients breached their 12-hour trolley wait from decision to admit to an inpatient bed.

'A full review of this incident is being investigated any learning identified will be formulated into an action plan.'

Emergency targets were also missed with many people waiting six hours or more, but all cancer patients were seen within target times.

The trust says that while they have remained busy with an increase of emergency admissions, the commissioning of their new Day Care Unit has meant that there have been minimal cancellations.

There were 11 cancelled operations either on the day or before the day due to a lack of beds in January, compared to 210 in the same month last year.

Plans are already being put in place to start preparation for next year's winter period.

In the meantime, a workshop has taken place to review delayed transfers of care internally and externally to improve patient flow.

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