Widow's joy as TV's Repair Shop mends husband's priceless ring

Evelyn Robinson with her late husband's wedding ring

Evelyn Robinson and her newly-repaired late husband Keith's wedding ring with (left) Jay Blades and Richard Talman from TV's Repair Shop - Credit: Ricochet/BBC

A widow can wear her late husband's wedding ring again to remember their love of 30 years.

Eve Robinson turned to TV show Repair Shop to mend the treasured token, which suffered terrible damage after it had to be cut from her partner's finger by paramedics.

In his final months in a care home, before his death in June 2017, Keith Robinson had placed the ring on his index finger by mistake.

Removal left the gold band severed - along with its treasured inscription recalling the night they realised they were soulmates: "Some Enchanted Evening - Wheeler's Restaurant, April 23, 1988."

Mrs Robinson, now 81, took the ring to two jewellers to see if they could repair it. Both said they could not guarantee the inscription would survive.

damaged ring

The damaged ring after it was cut from Mr Robinson's finger. - Credit: Eve Robinson

It was a different story after she contacted Repair Shop, whose goldsmith Richard Talman set to work. Mrs Robinson travelled down to Chichester, in Sussex, where the show is filmed in a barn to collect the finished item in January.

"I was tearful during the filming," she said. "It affected everybody, the director, Jay Blades, the crew - we were all in tears because of the emotion.

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The ring, which cost £400 back in 1988 when the couple married, was designed by Mrs Robinson in return for her then husband to be designing her wedding ring.

"It was so beautifully restored by Richard," she said. "The ring represents our love and the wonderful life we had together.” 

wedding of Eve and Keith Robinson

Eve and Keith Robinson on their Wedding day in 1988. - Credit: Supplied by Eve Robinson

The couple had previously been married before they met and fell in love in 1988. Mr Robinson, then 56, was a widower and his future wife, 48, was a divorcee. Both had children around the same age. 

The couple moved from the Westcountry to a village near King's Lynn in September, 2001.  That year Mr Robinson was diagnosed with cerebral atrophy, which over the years led to vascular dementia. His condition meant he spent his final months in a care home.

The episode of Repair shop featuring the ring is on BBC One at 8pm on Wednesday, December 2.

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