Amazing Roman treasure coming home to Norfolk

gold belt thetford

The famous gold belt buckle, which was discovered in Thetford in 1979, dates back to 390 AD and will be put on display at Thetford's Ancient House Museum. - Credit: Trustees of the British Museum

Renowned treasure items which are on loan from the British Museum are set to be put on display in Norfolk.

Thetford's Ancient House Museum will put on an all-new Thetford Treasure exhibition starting on July 22 and finishing on August 29.

The Thetford Treasure dates back to 390 AD and was found by metal detectorists Arthur and Greta Brooks in 1979 and includes 44 pieces of jewellery and 33 silver spoons.

roman items

Many items discovered during the Roman hoard will be put on display. - Credit: Trustees of the British Museum

Eleven key items from the Roman hoard, will be shown including the famous gold belt-buckle, a gold chain necklace, gold bracelets, gold finger rings, a pendant, a silver strainer and inscribed silver spoons.

Margaret Dewsbury, cabinet member for communities and partnerships at Norfolk County Council said, “I am so pleased these internationally renowned Roman objects will be displayed once more at the Ancient House Museum, so close to where they were originally discovered.

"This exhibition provides a wonderful opportunity for local communities to connect directly with an important part of their heritage, and visitors to the area to enjoy these remarkable artefacts.”