Rehearsals for Norfolk and Norwich Festival’s 100pc Norfolk begin

A chocolate bar, a crossword book and a 5ft-tall fluffy giraffe were among the personal items brought along to the first rehearsal of a performance that will celebrate Norfolk's key characteristics.

Part of the Evening News-backed Norfolk and Norwich Festival, 100pc Norfolk will see 100 men, women, and children from across the county share personal stories and insights into life in this county.

The cast is set to represent the make-up of Norfolk as closely as possible, with 51 women representing the 51pc of the population which is female, and 17 over-70s matching the 17pc of older people.

This week the cast, aged from five to 83, came together at Open in Norwich to begin rehearsals for the performance which will take place in May at the Theatre Royal.

Each person brought along an item which will help them tell their story.

Director Emma Bernard said: 'There are objects of great sentiment. It's something that means something to that person and says something about who they are.'

Bert Hume, 73, from Caister-on-Sea, pictured, brought along his Norwich City shirt.

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He said: 'I've supported them since 1957. They got through to the cup in that year and I've followed them ever since. I joined the staff and worked for them for 30 years helping to look after the car park.

'When I retired I asked for a season ticket saying: 'I've done this wonderful work for you, can I have one?'. I got one and we still go now.'

Each person will get a chance to introduce themselves during the performance with some offering longer stories or asking a question of their fellow cast members.

The group will then respond.

Emma Bernard said: 'Someone might take about their experience of school and then say to everybody 'who thinks we should bring back corporal punishment?'.

'It's a living breathing democracy of people showing what they believe in.'

The show will take place on May 18 and 19. For tickets call 01603 766400 or visit

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