Redwings Horse Sanctuary grieves the loss of a “very special” horse and friend

Boo and Oliver at Redwings Horse Sanctuary. Picture: Redwings

Boo and Oliver at Redwings Horse Sanctuary. Picture: Redwings - Credit: Archant

It was an unbreakable bond of friendship which saw two horses capture the hearts of staff and visitors at an animal charity.

Oliver (brown) and Boo at Redwings Horse Sanctuary. Picture: Redwings.

Oliver (brown) and Boo at Redwings Horse Sanctuary. Picture: Redwings. - Credit: Archant

Bay cob Oliver was the beloved companion of blind best friend Boo, a Clydesdale cross.

When sweet-natured Boo arrived at Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Hapton, near Long Stratton, after a horrific attack seven years ago, it was Oliver who helped him to settle in and build up his confidence.

The pair became inseparable and Oliver would help guide 19-year-old Boo - who lost one eye to cancer and the other when he was shot at point blank range - around their field.

He would even accompany him to every veterinary check-up.

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But sadly the heart breaking decision was made to put 28-year-old Oliver to sleep after he was suffering from colic.

Boo was at his side.

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Redwings staff have paid tribute to the very special horse they have described as a hero.

Lynn Cutress, chief executive of Redwings, said: 'Oliver was not just a beloved member of the Redwings family for almost 25 years, but he was also a hero.

'When poor Boo's world was turned upside down, Oliver gave him a reason to trust again and a chance to enjoy a new life at the sanctuary.'

A veterinary team have been closely monitoring Boo and he has been introduced to a new friend, Flynn, to help him come to terms with his loss.

Although they are still getting to know each other, the pair have been getting on well together and it is hoped they can form a close friendship.

Mrs Cutress added: 'We're very happy and relieved to see Boo recovering from his loss and adjusting to his new companion so positively and we hope Flynn will become just as good a friend to Boo as Oliver had been for so long.

'Nothing will ever replace Oliver of course, and he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.'

If you would like to make a donation towards Boo's care, call 01508 481000 or email

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