Recognise these scenes? Artist posts a sketch a day of Norwich on Twitter

Norwich Train Station in a lot of colour.

Norwich Train Station in a lot of colour. - Credit: Neil Davison

A Norwich artist is showcasing his work of the city by posting a scene from the city each day on Twitter.

Neil Davison, of Pelham Road in Norwich, has been publishing sketches of landscapes and city scenes in Norwich all February as part of an artist group he is involved with on Twitter.

The art group works to a different theme each month and the hashtag for this one was 'land February' which has allowed Mr Davison to sketch some of the best known landmarks in Norwich.

They include scenes of the skyline from Mousehold Heath as well as Heathgate, St Stephens Street, Pottergate and Anglia Square.

The textile and fashion workshop manager at Norwich University of the Arts has been sharing images of his work on Twitter since 2014 and said his love of art stems from his time as a competitive runner.

'Back in 2013 I was a competitive runner and kept a diary of my runs, stating where I had been and how well I had done in them.

'A friend suggested I should add drawings to my diary and that is where the idea of a drawing a day came from which I have been doing ever since and they are just documentations of where I have been.'

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The 46-year-old has over 1,000 followers on Twitter and sends all of his new followers on Twitter a random drawing, with many of them taking the form of different animals.

He believes showcasing his work on social media and getting feedback from his followers has made him a better artist.

He said: 'Through posting my art on social media I get many different influences and I can see my art has developed. I'm a better artist now because of it and I think that is a good lesson for my students.'

•All of Neil Davison's sketches are available to buy and you can view is art on Twitter and Instagram.

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