Recipe: Cool down with our retro chocolate lime lollies

Make our chocolate lime ice lollies. Picture: Sarah Lucy Brown

Make our chocolate lime ice lollies. Picture: Sarah Lucy Brown - Credit: Archant

Make our zingy chocolate lime ice lollies

Around about now I get the same cry from my kids. 'Muuuum, can we make ice lollies?'

Okay, so there's nothing wrong with making homemade lollies. In fact, it's one of the easiest ways to get loads of fruit stealthily into your little ones. But, let's be straight here – it can be a bit of a faff right?

At work I'd say I pride myself on being organised. At home? A totally different story because if I include my husband, I actually have three children. They're messy, noisy and never put anything back where it lives (but as hubby pointed out, if you pay peanuts…).

He especially feels my wrath in the summer because he never puts things back in the cupboard properly. It's become such a 'thing' half of me thinks it's a little game he's playing. I can't tell you the number of Tupperware tubs without lids I possess. And I definitely can't tell you where my beloved purple Laguiole butter knife currently resides.

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But, more frustatingly, who the hell knows where all the bits and pieces for the ice lolly moulds are? Altogether I must have four sets – but darned if I can find the sticks or lids for half of them. If you find yourself in this predicament, do as I did for this recipe and use throwaway plastic cups. They're easy to use, cheap to buy in bulk, and it doesn't matter if they get lost.

This week's recipe isn't for traditional lollies but for sherbets – a kind of sorbet made with milk instead of sugar water. The magic is in the combination of milk and citrus, which thickens and turns into something quite special.

Don't miss out the salt – it makes them even better. I've combined chocolate and lime, just like those boiled sweets of old.

Chocolate lime sherbet lollies

(makes up to eight)


4tsps lime zest (not the white part), 100g caster sugar, 750g whole milk, juice 4 limes, ½ cup water, pinch salt, 200g dark chocolate.


Mix all the ingredients together except the chocolate. Settle for 20 minutes then whisk and pour into your moulds and freeze for four hours.

Melt the chocolate about one hour before the lollies are due to be set. Once set, dip the unmoulded lollies in the chocolate and place on a lined tray to set for 30 minutes.

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