Reading challenge is a new chapter for Shelton and Hardwick Primary School pupils

Pupils enjoying the readigj challenge at Shelton with Hardwick Primary School

Pupils enjoying the readigj challenge at Shelton with Hardwick Primary School - Credit: Archant

Book worms at a Norfolk primary school have used the power of reading to help build an Indian maternity unit.

Pupils at Shelton with Hardwick Primary School in south Norfolk held a sponsored reading day with the children collecting donations for every page they read or had read to them.

The youngsters were supported in their quest to help build the maternity unit in the city of Lalitpur by parents who took part in a breakfast with a book session.

The children also enjoyed making stop animation films of popular stories and paired up for various reading activities.

The sponsored reading day was organised as friends of the school Brian and June Cutting are out in Lalitpur to help build the maternity unit.

Ed Dooley, deputy headteacher, said: 'The reading day was a huge success and was well supported by the friends and family of Shelton school.

'Most of the parents came in the morning to enjoy breakfast with a book. We had tea and toast and the children shared some of their favourite books with grown

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'We made stop animations of popular story books and then went on a journey around the

school grounds making journey sticks, luckily the weather was glorious and the children had a great time.

'In the afternoon the children did paired reading activities and read a staggering amount to raise their totals.'

Mr and Mrs Cutting have

gone out to Lalitpur with Mission Direct.

Mr Cutting said: 'For the poorest women, especially in the lower classes, there is little chance of giving birth in a hospital which offers safety and dignity.

'When it is finished the unit will provide a safer place for mothers to have their babies and reduce mortality rates among them.'

The couple will visit the primary school in January to show the pupils what life is like in Lalitpur and show how less fortunate mothers will benefit from the construction of the maternity unit,

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