'Men's behaviour needs sorting' - Readers react to PM's women's safety vow

Candles, messages and flowers left on the steps of the Parkinson Building at the University of Leeds

Candles, messages and flowers left on the steps of the Parkinson Building at the University of Leeds in West Yorkshire, during a Reclaim These Streets vigil for Sarah Everard - Credit: PA

Respect, education, more police on the streets and better street lighting are all needed to improve women's safety.

That is the general feeling of EDP readers when asked on Facebook about what should be done to help support women.

They were gathered in response to the government's announcement on Tuesday, March 16, of new measures to improve the lives of millions of people, following the death of 33-year-old Sarah Everard.

She was last seen walking on Clapham Common, London, on March 3 and her body was discovered in Kent on March 10. A Met Police officer has been accused of kidnapping and murder.

sarah everard

Sarah Everard, 33, who went missing on March 3. Her body was discovered in Kent on March 10. - Credit: Metropolitan Police

Reader Claire Keen said flirting with another person was a natural and fun pastime but people needed to learn how to respect each other, regardless of gender, ethnicity or age.

She said: "Guys/girls shouting at someone at what they'd like to do to them, or verbally abusing them when they don't get the response they wanted, is not acceptable and totally disrespectful to both themselves and their prey. No amount of street lighting, cameras or police will resolve this. It has to start in the home and at school, teaching respect."

Zanny Jode said: "Teach self-awareness, empathy and respect in schools. Have honest, open, non-judgemental conversations with our children so they grow and learn."

Andrew Dickerson said: "While what they have put forward is welcome it does not go far enough far enough. The key requirement here is the reform of the policing and prosecution of these heinous crimes."

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Pauline Spiers said: "Need street lighting back and police back on the streets."

Emma Edwards said : "Longer sentences for rapists to act as a deterrent."

And Susan Halliday said: "Teach men appropriate behaviour. Have a huge media campaign to reinforce the message. It’s men’s behaviour that needs sorting out."

Under the new government plans, Downing Street is doubling the amount of money put into the Safer Streets fund - which provides neighbourhood measures including better lighting and CCTV - to £45m.

It also includes working with police forces in reviewing routes used by people in parks and open spaces to prevent sexual violence and using plain clothes officers in clubs and bars.