‘You are missing the point of being alive’: Readers react to survey saying Norfolk is among worst places in England for young people

A survey has drawn attention to the quality of life in Norfolk for young people. Photo: Joshua Gardn

A survey has drawn attention to the quality of life in Norfolk for young people. Photo: Joshua Gardner - Credit: Joshua Gardner

The poll results are resounding, but the comments are divided - are parts of Norfolk really among the worst in the country for young people to live?

Opinions have been pouring in since a BBC Newsbeat survey ranked parts of the county as low as zero out of 10 in some areas.

The survey considered issues such as access to mental health care, average rent prices, levels of unemployment, bus services, sports facilities, connectivity to 4G, the number of young people living in the areas and the number of pubs, clubs and music events.

Great Yarmouth, North Norfolk and South Norfolk were given three out of 10 based on an overview of all the issues.

Scores dipped as low as zero for South and North Norfolk in both the going out category and for sports facilities.

Some of our readers agreed with the low rankings.

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On Twitter Katrina Beck said: 'We are in the dark ages in North Norfolk. Being a city girl it is hard to get used to, but the one advantage is safety.'

Another commenter said: 'Most of it is an economic vacuum. If you don't own a car you're stuck in the one horse village you were born in.'

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Twitter user The Maverick mockingly added: 'But for older folk it's amazing and because everyone gets old then it's fine. Don't see the problem here. Young folk just need to get old.'

Another said: 'It's dull for us oldies too. There needs to be better transport links to that there Norwich.'

Clare Badham said: 'Norwich is great, but it's not easy for teens who live in the rural and coastal areas. Public transport is abysmal and you can't even get a bus to the train station which is 12 miles away.'

However, some readers were quick to defend Norfolk.

Matthew Knight said: 'So the report is dragged down to not enough pubs or night clubs available for young people. If your life revolves around pubs and clubs, you are missing the point of being alive. Far better to grow up in places that have better priorities than places to get drunk.'

Josie Stone said: 'It always amuses me how people move to Norfolk out of the big towns and cities for the better life in the countryside, then they complain about everything.'

Lacey Freeman commented: 'I moved to Norfolk from the south coast where unemployment, rent and house prices are high and crime is very high. My daughter was two weeks old when we moved, she has grown up in the countryside with tractors, horses and walks. I will stick to wonderful Norfolk thank you.'

Others pointed out weak points in the county's infrastructure but asserted that on balance they were grateful to live in Norfolk.

Jan Jackson said: 'I grew up in King's Lynn and never had time to be bored. Yes pubs are closing or struggling and bus service in some places isn't great.

'The roads are congested and it will get worse with more houses being built. To be honest I would rather live here than London and I once lived in Kent among other places.

'I found Kent to be the least friendly place. Make the most of what we have and be grateful we live in an area where we are not war-torn and in poverty we can only imagine.'

At time of writing 82pc of people voted 'yes' in our poll asking whether they thought Norfolk was a good place for children to grow up.

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