Reader letters of the week: Speed camera concerns, train cancellations and tackling the housing crisis

East Anglia trains, Speed cameras and housing developments in today's letters

East Anglia trains, Speed cameras and housing developments in today's letters - Credit: PA

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• Safety questions over new speed cameras

Wednesday November 25

D Pollard

Pond Lane, Drayton

Re your article (EDP, November 20) a few days ago informing people about the new style of speed cameras. Facing them towards the oncoming traffic to confirm who is driving a vehicle must be a good thing.

However, I do have an issue with the positioning of the one in Drayton. It is positioned so as to catch people who are coming down the hill from the city and is only just a few yards after a sign which flashes telling you to slow down.

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At the time this new-style camera was installed, replacing the old-type camera, something else which looks like a camera was also erected. Neither your article or the Anglia TV report makes any reference to this. What is it?

Also, what is the justification for the speed camera in Drayton, as they were intended to be positioned at accident black spots. I'm finding it difficult to recall a single accident at this location.

If there is money to install this new camera and an additional one then why can't anything be done regarding daily traffic offences in Drayton?

One example is traffic turning right out of Costessey Lane towards the city. It is a no right turn but it is happening all the time.

Then there are vehicles parking on double yellow lines.

It is frustrating when money can be spent on a revenue-making project but not one which involves safety issues and daily traffic offences within our village.

• A very poor service on the Norwich to Yarmouth line

Tuesday November 24

M Schmierer

Green Party councillor for Mancroft Ward, West Parade Norwich

The news that 105 services have been cancelled primarily between Norwich and Great Yarmouth and other towns and cities in this region on November 20 is yet another reminder about how chronically underfunded our railways have been for decades.

It is unacceptable that residents of East Anglia should be forced to use 30 year-old plus and often secondhand' rolling stock from other networks and thus suffer frequent delays, while our government seems more than willing to squander an estimated £42bn on its flagship HS2 project.

I believe that rather than constructing a new high speed rail link between London and Birmingham, at a cost of £78m per km (compared to £7.3m which France paid per km for its high speed rail network), the money should be invested in improving and upgrading our existing rolling stock, providing such amenities as free onboard wifi and ensuring the trains actually run on time.

• Population control, not land tax, is the way to tackle housing crisis

Monday November 23

M Hammond,

Bulwer Road, Dereham

Green councillor David Raby (Letter, November 17) is having crisis of reality.

While massively extending council housing stock is a sensible way to put downward pressure on the housing market, rent controls have never worked and have caused damage wherever they have been tried.

Land value tax is the 'trendy policy' of the moment; while it might work in Germany, we are an island with a shortage of land – all a LVT will achieve here is put extra cost on farmers and home owners, particularly rurally, for no additional benefit.

The biggest flaw in councillor Raby's plan, a failing shared by his Green Party, is the failure to accept that the population of this country needs to be limited and reduced, and that means tackling the main driver of population growth – immigration.

What Mr Raby, his party, and most of the other political parties won't admit is that there are really only three viable options: reduce population, build on green space, or accept increasingly worse living conditions as more people are forced into smaller urban spaces with less access to lower quality services.

They have apparently all decided on the third option without consulting us and neglected to admit it.

The public are crying out of for realistic alternatives to the established political parties – it's just a shame that the Green Party aren't it.

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