Reader letters of the week: Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital parking, honouring the fallen, Norfolk County Council cuts, and Norwich bus station

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital at Colney.

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital at Colney. - Credit: Evening News © 2009

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• Stressful Times, Thursday October 8

C Ambridge

Brecon Road, Brooke.

I feel I must reply to the letter regarding parking at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

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I have had many years of taking my very sick husband for appointments at the hospital (60 times last year). It was extremely stressful and parking problems only add to this. He would have found it very difficult to stand and wait for several buses. He was very fragile.

The point I want to make is that the park and ride site linked to the hospital covers several acres. This could have been added to the hospital parking area so saving the time people take to get from the park and ride site and cut out the cost of buses for patients, visitors and staff.

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No one wants our land covered in car parks but while building houses continues more and more people require hospital services.

It is only when someone is very sick that you realise how hard it is to get around.

• Honouring the fallen, Wednesday October 7

Bronwen Tyler,

C/o Wayland House, High Street, Watton.

As part of the Wayland Partnership Development Trust Heritage Group I am currently involved in a Heritage Lottery-funded project researching the impact of World War One on the Wayland area, which comprises Watton and the surrounding parishes. For the purpose of this project we are also including Tottington, as it was once an important part of the Merton estate, and its war memorial now stands in Thompson parish.

There is one name on this memorial listed among the fallen and for whom we have no information at all.

He is Edwin Wright. I am hoping that there will be people among the readers of the EDP who know something of this man and his war service so that he can be truly recognised and commemorated alongside his fellow villagers.

I can be contacted on or at Wayland House on 01953 880202.

• Wrong priorities, Tuesday October 6

Jane Woods,

Branksome Road, Norwich.

Please can someone explain why our county council seem happy to spend £178m on a road when our public services and being cut to an unprecedented level?

Fire stations closing, courts closing etc and now the chief constable is telling us that the police will only be able to attend the 'emergency calls' and investigate the most serious incidents if further savage cuts are imposed by this government (which they will be). So if the government won't keep us safe, who will? Certainly not the county council who prefer to spend on a road to nowhere. I know what I would prefer our council taxes spent on.

• I wanted a new city bus station but it is a huge disappointment, Monday October 5

Brian Fox,

Bull Yard, Watton.

I hate to admit it but after being one of the many who asked for a new bus station in Norwich, to replace the one built in the late 20s and never modernised, I am forced to admit the present facility is no better.

Basically in the years since completion the service provided has gone down and for this I blame mostly First Bus and Norwich City Council.

The first thing that created a problem was the original design of the amenities, ie the toilets. For both sexes they were woefully inadequate. How many of us have been there and seen the queues for both? These could be doubled to deal with the demand at rush hour when many would wish to avail themselves of this service.

The design was obviously built for economy, not allowing for existing or planned growth. This fault must be laid firmly at the feet of First Bus and the council, who at that time were the main forces involved.

Another fault is the actual width of the lanes through the station, they are too narrow and one badly parked bus often cripples the whole station as the area is bottlenecked. The digital signage which 'allegedly' gives up-to-date information at each bus stand is sadly lacking; the information changes automatically but when a bus is late (yes, it does happen) it disappears without warning and does cause annoyance.

Another silly thing was the removal of the ticket machines from the station, St Stephen's and Castle Meadow. These were provided to help passengers get their tickets before boarding the bus. They were removed, they say, because of lack of use. Possibly if they had been properly advertised and promoted then more people would have been happier and confident to use them. It does seem odd to me that things that work in other areas of the country and even the world, never work in Norfolk.

Finally, in order to put off even more of the public, the bus station has stopped selling or advertising the National Express coach tickets which were at one time a major source of income. I am told the Konect ticket office sells them if requested but there is no publicity and not everyone has access or wants to book online.

In conclusion, the bus station needs to re-evaluate its services and amenities or allow an independent company to take it over and hopefully provide Norwich with a facility it rightly deserves and needs.

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