Reader letters of the week: Deer on Norfolk’s roads, Remembrance Day and dualling the A47

The A47 at North Burlingham closed after a crash involving a van and a lorry.Picture: James Bass

The A47 at North Burlingham closed after a crash involving a van and a lorry.Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

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•Be aware of deer

Wednesday November 18

Janis Raynsford,

Queens Street, Spooner Row.

The lovely story on the front page (EDP, November 13) has prompted me to write. Over the past few weeks I have picked up two dead deer which have been killed by cars. While appreciating there is very little that can be done to avoid deer leaping out from the hedgerows and fields, I would hope that car drivers would at least be able to put the poor animal on the verge. There needs to be more awareness of just what animals there are out there, especially at dawn and dusk. More deer awareness signs and deer scare posts from Norfolk County Council in known deer spots would be a help and as would more awareness from car drivers, especially along country lanes.

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•The debt we owe

Tuesday November 17

Roger Haywood,

Dyers Yard, Norwich.

Remembrance Day becomes ever more important as the old soldiers and other veterans who so bravely served their country in time of conflict inevitably reduce in number every year. The eleventh hour of the eleventh day, especially for those too young to remember the conflict, reminds us of the courage, commitment, skills and sacrifice that so many gave to our nation – with too many paying the ultimate price with their lives. My late father served overseas during the whole of the second world war, volunteering even though he was above the conscription age. I like to remember him and try to understand those feelings he must have had. He was one of the lucky few who returned, after his service, to take up his life with his family. In our uncertain world, I find it impossible to believe in an ethereal afterlife; but I do find it inspiring to think of their commitment to a cause that would have seen a very different future if such men and women had not taken up these roles, leaving families and friends – with no idea of whether they might return. Every time I pass that commemorative memorial in front of City Hall, I like to pause and pay silent respect to my late father and to the many, like him, who returned to a better world and also, especially, to those who paid that ultimate price and never returned to the ones they loved. All those millions of men and women who took up these responsibilities without question did this to protect our way of life from cruel tyrants. We should all think of what our nation might have become if we had lost that conflict. Respect those who did not survive by playing your part in our democracy, including exercising your right and duty to vote for those, today, you would hope will lead us to even better times.

•It may be a wait but we remain committed to dualling the A47

Monday November 16

Colleen Walker,

Norfolk County Council.

I refer to the recent letter regarding the Acle Straight (Brian Gare, EDP November 3), published under the headline 'Dualling of road is non-starter so other safety measures needed'. Norfolk County Council fully supports the full dualling of the A47 including the Acle Straight. While safety measures are long-overdue and should be implemented as soon as is practicable, it would be wrong to accept the road will never be dualled. Norfolk County Council has long been the driving force behind the A47 Alliance, which brings together stakeholders all along the route from Lowestoft to Peterborough, and which has been successful in its campaign to secure investment into the A47.

This investment should see improvements to major junctions in Great Yarmouth (including Vauxhall roundabout) and at Thickthorn in Norwich; and dualling between Easton and North Tuddenham, and Blofield and Burlingham.

All of these schemes have been included in the government's trunk road programme for 2015-2020. As stated in the letter from the Department for Transport to Brandon Lewis MP, as quoted by Mr Gare, dualling of the Acle Straight was not included in the programme for 2015-2020. However, Norfolk County Council has previously agreed its priorities for the subsequent programme (2020-2025) are the dualling of East Tilney to East Winch and the Acle Straight.

We will continue to push for these to be included in the programme and believe there is a good case given that congestion and capacity issues are likely to continue to get worse, particularly bearing in mind the significant potential for expanding Great Yarmouth's economy given its location on the East Anglia energy coast. If we do not continue to press the case with government we will never overcome the significant issues faced by this road, and which are holding back both Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft.

We must not accept that the main trunk road route to these significant towns will remain a single carriageway, to be closed every time a vehicle breaks down or has a shunt.

Norfolk County Council members have set up an A47 working group to support the activities of the A47 Alliance.

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