Reader letter: Scrap fuel allowance and put money into our communities


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We are now at the time of the year when all the pensioners in our country (including myself) will start receiving their annual £200 winter fuel payment followed later by a £10 Christmas gift.

The majority of pensioners appreciate the fuel payment and do need it to help pay their large winter fuel bill and I, like the majority who receive it, have always used this money for that purpose.

There will undoubtedly again be calls from some sections of the community including pensioners themselves to have this payment either means tested like other benefits or encourage the better off pensioners to voluntarily give their £200 to a worthwhile charity of their choice.

I can however understand the younger generation especially those whose ranks are swelling every year who are working on the minimum wage their attitude to the perks we get especially those who have young children in the house and need it heated as much as we do to keep their houses warm for their children.

There is however one gesture we could make to show solidarity with the struggling young and that would be if our £10 Christmas gift was scrapped and used for some other purpose in the community.

No pensioner today in this country is so hard up that the loss of £10 a year would cause hardships in their lives and although the total sum would not add up to much it would be the start to show that we are all in it at this time of change taking place since the Brexit vote.

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