Reader letter: ‘In the wrong hands a dog is a lethal weapon’

Shepherd and sheepdog trainer Sarah Jenkins. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Shepherd and sheepdog trainer Sarah Jenkins. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

As the EDP reports that dog attacks on livestock is on the increase, Sarah Jenkins, shepherd, sheepdog trialler and trainer, shares her thoughts.

Having kept sheep for very many years, unfortunately I have had experience of dogs both injuring and killing sheep.

I cannot begin to describe how distressing it is to find an animal that you have bred and cared for, mutilated and dying from the most horrendous injuries. In the worst cases the sheep is literally eaten alive.

Keeping dogs on a lead is only a part of the answer to the problem.

Many attacks occur when dogs escape from owners homes and gardens.

Better education of the public, together with a prolonged, very graphic television advertising campaign would help the situation, with prosecution and heavy fines for owners of dogs caught worrying sheep.

I feel these dogs should be shot or destroyed if caught, it will do it again if the opportunity arises.

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I firmly believe that responsible pet ownership should be taught as part of mainstream education.

Children need to understand that the dog, be he lapdog or a large breed, owes his heritage to the wolf. He is a predator and his natural instinct needs to be modified by the correct training.

In my opinion some breeds of dogs have no place in the domestic environment.

My life has been about the working sheepdog.

Words cannot describe the respect and love I have for this wonderful animal, but in the wrong hands he is a lethal weapon.

Sarah jenkins

Mayfields Farm

Reepham Road


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