Reader letter: If you cannot commit to caring for a pet, don’t have one

The four surviving kittens found near Lingwood having been thrown at a train.

The four surviving kittens found near Lingwood having been thrown at a train. - Credit: Archant

Re 'Harrowing toll of animal cruelty' if you cannot love them or look after them, do not have them.

Like anything else in life one has to make a commitment if one has a dog or cat or indeed any other pet. Pets of all types give unconditional love in return for devoted care and love from us. What are we coming to? Some humans are barbaric. What sort of mind would throw those dear little kittens and their mother at a moving train? Some parts of society are descending in to unspeakable depths. Every day we have reports of stabbings, shootings, acid attacks and of course animal cruelty. The sentences given out to these creatures is far too lenient. It should be at least trebled with a lifelong ban on ever having animals again. This awful act involving the kittens is enough to make this 81 year old cry and I did. It must be possible to enforce stronger penalties for these dreadful happenings. I most sincerely hope that when the culprit hopefully reads this article they have some glimmer of conscience for what they have done, although I doubt it. All animals, young, old and whatever breed have a brain. Those defenceless little kittens must have felt fear in the extreme. I myself have two gorgeous Ragdoll cats. They are the most devoted companions and I would never harm a single hair on their bodies.

Paul Staples, Worstead

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