Reader letter: Have you stopped shopping in Norwich city centre?

Fakenham on market day - the town has been reccommended for a visit by reader Peter Kimpton as an al

Fakenham on market day - the town has been reccommended for a visit by reader Peter Kimpton as an alternative to Norwich. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Archant

I couldn't agree more with Bill Kite's accurate assessment of the decline of Norwich in his letter (EN August 19).

The Norwich of the post war 1940s/1950s was a place full of character with folk from out in the county coming into the city for market days and the like – adding a unique feel and atmosphere to the place.

Subsequent decades have witnessed a sad decline, aided and abetted by the city planners.

The recent and ongoing road changes within the city centre (a complete and pointless shambles) together with subsequent proposals to potentially close off Prince of Wales Road would simply add just another unwanted inconvenience to motorists heading, for example, towards Thorpe St Andrew and other nearby surrounding areas.

One can readily see why motorists are so frustrated and, like Mr Kite, I keep away from the centre of Norwich as much as possible.

The so-called planners will leave an 'inheritance' for which they should be ashamed.

In terms of actual architecture in the city centre, the recently installed facade at the Back of the Inns entrance to the Castle Mall as an example, looks as though it was shipped in directly from Blackpool seafront and is totally out of keeping with its immediate surroundings!

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But all is not lost. For those who haven't already discovered it yet, try Fakenham on a Thursday market day which is pretty much like Norwich used to be.

A great and friendly atmosphere, no problems with parking, excellent produce stalls in the central area, enough coffee shops to keep you happy, loads of stalls selling all sorts of smaller knick knacks, tools and antique items and of course Beck's Auction Rooms — offering lots of interesting items to bid for. Great fun.

Come lunchtime, try the Drifter for an excellent fish and chip lunch. All in all in my opinion, Fakenham (certainly on market days) knocks spots of the mess that is now central Norwich. Try it for yourselves.

Peter Kimpton, South Avenue, Thorpe St Andrew.

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