Reader letter: Forget dualling A47 and focus on junctions

Are there alternatives to dualling the A47? Picture: Ian Burt

Are there alternatives to dualling the A47? Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

I can understand why the average driver sees Hockering purely as a huge inconvenience, a site of daily frustration. Surely the dualling of the A47 will cure all that? Maybe.

But we did not have half the queues until the roundabout at Mattishall Road/Honingham was built - an error now accepted by Highways England. And, before that, much smaller queues built up at Easton.

The single carriageway is not the problem; outside the rush hours the traffic generally moves well. It's the junctions, and they could be improved at much lower cost and quicker than full-scale dualling. The Highways England brochure claims that the new road would improve 'accessing and crossing the A47', yet it contains no details of any junctions and bridges. Hockering residents may end up with even poorer access to local facilities and the A47. And where would the buses be directed?

The environment will be improved, apparently. One route will obliterate our playing field and go through a fishing lake. Another puts a 70mph four-lane road right next to about 40 houses. Yet another drags the road along the side of the beautiful Tud valley. Whose environment does that improve?

And anyway, I thought the government was determined to reduce climate change by using less fossil fuel. How does encouraging more road transport achieve that aim?

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Forget dualling — just improve those junctions — as Hockering recommended 10 years ago.

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