Read letter from two men accused of murdering Hannah Witheridge

Suspects alighting from the prison vehicle. Picture: Sarah Yuen

Suspects alighting from the prison vehicle. Picture: Sarah Yuen - Credit: Sarah Yuen

The two Burmese immigrants accused of the murder of Hemsby girl Hannah Witheridge and David Miller protest their innocence in a letter sent from prison.

The case has made headlines all over the world amid allegations of torture of the accused and alleged gaps in the case made by prosecution lawyers.

In a handwritten letter written in broken English by 22-year-olds Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo (also known as Win Zaw Htun) and sent to Nakhon Chompuchat, lead lawyer for defence team, from inside Koh Samui prison, the pair say they have done nothing wrong.

The letter reads: 'I nothing to wrong. Every day I had to think why not I had to stay at the prison. When I think about my family and my life I'm really sad. Sometimes I had to crying. But I trust one day I will free.'

The prosecution claims DNA and evidence points to the fact the pair are the killers. The verdict is expected at around 5am UK time, following which there is likely to be an appeal from whichever side loses.

The letter, written in February 2015, goes on to read: 'I had to praying everyday for I free because I'm worry about of my family. Now I had to ready to fighting for my life.'

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