‘There should be consequences’ – Your reactions to possibility of harsher laws for dangerous cyclists

The majority of voters in the poll thought the law should change. Photo: Archant

The majority of voters in the poll thought the law should change. Photo: Archant - Credit: Evening News © 2008

A proposed new law that would see cyclists who kill pedestrians face potential life sentences has sparked plenty of debate among our readers.

An overwhelming majority of you voted in favour of cyclists who kill pedestrians being treated in a similar way to dangerous drivers.

Our poll 'Are new dangerous cycling laws a good idea' saw 85pc of readers selecting 'Yes - it's about time'.

Facebook comments on our original article also reflected this stance.

Ian Rowley said: 'Everybody should be liable for their actions, from hurting someone else to damaging another vehicle.'

Cara Colley added: 'There should be consequences. We cannot exclude and have different rules. A cycle is a mode of transport that can be controlled by a cyclist.'

Chris Gurney also said: 'Yes. They get away with breaking laws daily and ignore the highway code. Being in a wheelchair, I no longer go to Norwich as the pavements are just too dangerous.'

On Twitter responses seemed a little more sympathetic towards cyclists but with a general consensus that those who cause incidents, which ever mode of transport they are using, should face consequences.

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Peter Taylor asked: 'Should pedestrians who step out onto the street playing on their mobile killing cyclists face 'death by dangerous walking' charges?'

Which prompted another user to reply: 'Yes. Anyone who kills anyone like that should. Whether it's driving or cycling.'

Emma George commented: 'NCC have spent huge amounts on cycle lanes in the city yet we still see cyclists weaving in and out of heavy traffic. Perhaps enforcement of cycle lanes could help prevent accidents too.'

What do you think about the possible change to laws? Let us know in the comments.