Rare stamp raises £220 for Sheringham charity shop

The 1929 PUC stamp which sold for £220

The 1929 PUC stamp which sold for £220 - Credit: Archant

They are often associated with everyday items, but one charity shop has sold a rare stamp for the princely sum of £220.

The £1 stamp, marking the 1929 Postal Union Congress, was one of a several in an envelope delivered to the Break store in Sheringham.

Shop manger Tim Harvey, a keen philatelist, immediately spotted the value of the stamp, which was sold at auction.

He said: 'It is quite a rare stamp and not many people would have used it as a £1 was quite a lot of money in 1929. It would have been worth even more if there were not folds on the back.'

A stamp day will be held Saturday at the Break shop on Station Road from 10am to 4pm.