Rallying cry for people of Norwich to help Lord Mayor’s Procession effort

Beccles 2015 Carnival Parade.

Beccles 2015 Carnival Parade. - Credit: Nick Butcher

As clubs across the city brainstorm ideas for the most spectacular float at the Lord Mayor's Procession a Framingham Earl gymnastics group are pleading for scraps of cloth to decorate a lorry.

Framtastics Gymnastics Club youngsters in a warm up routine presentation during Beth Tweddle's visit

Framtastics Gymnastics Club youngsters in a warm up routine presentation during Beth Tweddle's visit to Framlingham Earl. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2014

This month the Evening News has issued a rallying cry to every organisation in Norwich to help make the procession even bigger and stem the tide of dwindling numbers.

Excited to join the parade for the second year running, the Framtastics gymnastics club are desperate not to miss out on the opportunity of performing.

They have a lorry and driver donated by Richardson's Recycling, but are trying to stitch together enough bunting to cover the giant vehicle.

'Having experienced last year's procession, which is the first time our gymnasts have taken part, everyone had such a brilliant time we definitely wanted to do it again,' said Jo Francis, club treasurer.

'Our coach managed to obtain the use of a vehicle, which we then wanted to make our own. We did a trial run at Beccles Carnival last year and decorated it in red white and blue for that event.

'We desperately wanted to make the Lord Mayor's Procession the big event of this year and have the lorry decorated in our own colours; turquoise, Cadbury's purple and silver.

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'As these are more unusual colours we really struggle to find people with leftover materials, so we wanted to see if there was anyone outside of the club willing to donate some materials so we can initially make some bunting to decorate the lorry. We don't have much funds as quite a new group, and we need to cover an entire lorry.'

Aged between four and 16, the team said they were inspired by last year's event. 'We are all local so Norwich is our home,' Ms Francis added. 'This is a great event for the kids to get involved in, and they are so excited because they have all gone and watched it as they have grown up.

'The fact they were able to take part last year and be cheered on by their friends at school really captured their imagination.'

Framtastics launched in 2012 to give local gymnasts the chance to compete on a wider scale. More recently a dance element was added, and over the last 18 months the club have been training moves which can dazzle at the Procession.

Norwich City Council are calling for as many groups as possible to join the parade.

Helen Selleck, culture and events manager for Norwich City Council, said: 'Every year, it's the community that brings our procession to life with carnival spirit,' said Helen Selleck, culture and events manager for Norwich Coty Council. 'Groups of any size are welcome to join in – it doesn't have to be complicated, the most important thing is to have fun.

'I hope people across the city feel inspired to come together and get involved.'

The procession will take place on Saturday July 2, with entries open until June 13. To find our more or to apply visit norwich.gov.uk/events.

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