Near-miss between train and two cars at Norfolk crossing

Bungalow Lane level crossing.

Bungalow Lane level crossing. - Credit: ARCHANT LTD

An investigation has been carried out after a near-miss at a crossing between a train and two cars.

The incident happened at around 6am on September 18, at a Forestry user-worked crossing, between Thetford and Brandon. 

User-worked crossings are intersections where a railway crosses a right of way, such as a road on private land, and need to be operated manually.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB), which independently investigates accidents or incidents to improve railway safety, said there were no injuries or damage.

It has undertaken a preliminary examination into the circumstances surrounding the incident, and will publish a safety digest report in the next few weeks.

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RAIB says the purpose of a preliminary examination is to gather information and evidence which helps decide whether or not to conduct a full investigation of the accident or incident.

The body shares safety digests as important safety messages when it has decided not to undertake a full investigation.

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