RAF Neatishead for sale on eBay for £2.5m

RAF Neatishead - Flt Lt Daniel Betts with the old radar in the background Picture: James Bass

RAF Neatishead - Flt Lt Daniel Betts with the old radar in the background Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2004

A former RAF station which was the eyes and ears of the country's defence during the Cold War is for sale at a knockdown price on eBay.

The Neatishead airbase opened in June 1941 and played a key role in monitoring Britain's skies in the 1960s as a radar station until it was decommissioned in 2006.

It contains an underground bunker from the Cold War years, which is one of the 16 buildings included on the 25 acres up for sale on the online auction site.

Birmingham-based Stylespace bought the land off the RAF in 2006 for £4m. The RAF still carries out communication work for aircraft on a small part of the site.

This would remain, alongside the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum, which was established on the air base 14 years ago and bought by trustees off the RAF last year.

Agent Nick Barlow, from Midlands-based Barlow Associates, said: 'The owner thought that the underground bunker would work for him as a data centre but to cut a long story short it didn't work for him.

'Neatishead has been on the market for a long while and one is always open to try new ways of selling things. It was put on eBay to increase its publicity and make it more obvious to a wider market.

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'There is only so much you can do on for sale boards and in newspapers. It is a heck of a lot of buildings for the price and it is a matter of finding the right person to take it on.'

He added the site has been on the market for more than two years and that the price had been reduced 'substantially'.

It was the first time Neatishead has been sold on eBay and the final day for bids is Friday, February 8.

Mr Barlow added he was confident the former base would sell and there has been a lot of interest in the site in the past, but issues including the recession have prevented it from being sold.

He said since Neatishead had gone on eBay there had been a lot of interest and since Tuesday the page had attracted 5,000 hits.

'The owner would split the site provided they were substantial chunks because it would be a good move for local businesses and jobs,' Mr Barlow added.

It is also being sold through the website www.barlowassociates.net

The site comes with planning permission for 3.5ha of solar panels, approved by North Norfolk District Council in May 2011.

Chris Morshead, manager of the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum, said the issue of selling the base had been rumbling on for a long time but it was business as usual for the attraction.

For information about other property on the market visit www.homes24.co.uk and read today's EDP property supplement.

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