RAF Marham Tornados destroy truck bomb in first attacks of the new year

An RAF Tornado GR4. Picture: Chris Radburn/PA

An RAF Tornado GR4. Picture: Chris Radburn/PA - Credit: PA

RAF Marham jets have carried out their first missions of the new year in Iraq.

On Sunday, Tornados destroyed a truck bomb, near Haditha, before two more flights, over northern Iraq, saw them attack a total of two mortar and four machine-gun positions.

On Wednesday, December 30 2015, two Tornado GR4s provided close air support over Ramadi, where they bombed two machine-gun positions engaged in close combat with Iraqi troops, and assisted another coalition aircraft in a strike on a Daesh team armed with rocket-propelled grenades.

The Tornados are flying out of RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, as part of the air strike campaigns in Iraq and Syria.