RAF Marham attack: Customers in the village Costcutter store Wednesday afternoon urged to come forward

The attempted abduction happened on a well-trodden running route for RAF Marham servicemen and women

The attempted abduction happened on a well-trodden running route for RAF Marham servicemen and women. Photo: Matt Usher

Police would like to hear from anyone who used the popular convenience store in Squires Hill as part of their investigations into the attempted abduction of an RAF officer at knifepoint.

RAF Marham was on high alert after last Wednesday's attack. Picture: Ian Burt

RAF Marham was on high alert after last Wednesday's attack. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

Nick Dean, Norfolk police's Assistant Chief Constable said police are continuing their lines of enquiry but would particularly like to speak to anyone who visited the convenience store.

He said: 'Part of this investigation has involved collecting CCTV from businesses and also residential properties - it has been very reassuring that members of the public have been very forthcoming about sharing their footage.

'But we would specifically like to hear from anyone who was in the Costcutter store that afternoon. We know from its CCTV footage that there are a number of people who have not come forward who were there.'

He added: 'We would like them to contact us and hope they have the confidence to do so with regards to this investigation.'

Police at RAF Marham. Picture: Ian Burt

Police at RAF Marham. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

It has also emerged that one of the two attackers suffered a visible facial injury during the abduction attempt as the RAF officer managed to fight him off and also head-butted him.

The witness appeals continue come as police continue to follow up a number of calls and CCTV enquiries into the abduction attempt, which happened close to the RAF Marham base on Wednesday.

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Two men, described as Middle Eastern in their appearance, are said to be involved - but there could have been more inside the dark coloured people carrier also a vital part of the police investigation.

The main suspect, who grabbed the serviceman while he was jogging in the area of Squire's Hill, is thought to have suffered the injury during the incident.

The serviceman challenged the attacker and they were involved in a scuffle and headbutted his attacker before punching him, causing him to fall on the floor.

Mr Dean added: 'This would have left him with serious swelling and bruising in the area around his eye socket. Please come forward if you have noticed someone you know with this kind of injury.'

After the scuffle, the second suspect, who was armed with a knife, went to the aid of his accomplice - allowing the serviceman to run and get help.

Meanwhile, police have been conducting door-to-door enquiries in the surrounding area and continue to assess CCTV footage. It has also emerged the suspects involved may have carried out a reconnaissance on the Norfolk airbase days earlier.

A man, who did not wish to be named, told ITV Anglia that he saw a car which matched a description of the one used in the attempted abduction speeding in Marham eight days earlier.

The resident said he saw a similar vehicle last Sunday in the area.

'They were driving a green Ford Galaxy and they nearly ran me off the road. If I had not taken emergency avoiding action, there would have been an accident,' he said.

'That is why I particularly noted it. It looked suspicious. They were certainly in a hurry to get out of the way. The were drawing a lot of attention to themselves due to the manner of their driving.'

Meanwhile, leaflets have been delivered at homes around the airbase appealing for further information from anyone who saw unusual activity in the week leading up to the incident.

Officers particularly want to hear about anyone looking suspicious in the area and also any vehicles, including the dark coloured people carrier which was used by the suspects.

Anyone with information should contact the dedicated incident hotlines on 0800 056 0154 or 0207 158 0011.

Detective Superintendent Paul Durham, from the Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team, who is leading the enquiry, said: 'As I said from the very outset, due to the nature of this incident and the complex investigation required, we expect this to be a lengthy a process.

'CCTV footage continues to be gathered and reviewed while follow-up enquiries are being made after calls put in to the hotlines.

'Tracing the vehicle remains a priority and one point I would like to re-emphasise is that we do believe it may have contained more than the two suspects seen by the victim.

'This is important because I do not want to deter any potential witnesses from coming forward; it is the vehicle we are interested in, regardless of the number of people seen inside.'

The area around Squires Hill - where the incident happened - has now been reopened to the public.

•Suspect 1 is described as between 20 and 30 years old, approximately 6ft tall, of athletic but stocky build, with dark hair which was long on top and had a well-groomed beard. He was of Middle Eastern origin in appearance with a dark skin tone and wore dark casual clothing.

•Suspect 2 is described as between 20-30 years old but younger than the first suspect and of a slimmer build. He was approximately 5ft 10, clean shaven with short dark hair. He was also of Middle Eastern origin in appearance and wore a white t-shirt and dark shorts.

•Witnesses are urged to call dedicated hotlines set up on either 0800 056 0154 or 0207 158 0011 with any information.

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