Radio hams reach out to world from Weybourne mill

Radio 'hams' gathered in the shadow of Weybourne Mill took part in a national weekend which reached out around the world.

The local Bittern DX group set up radio towers, tents and massive lengths of wire antenna in a field near the landmark windmill as part of National Mills Weekend, organised by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, with the Denby Dale Amateur Radio Society co-ordinating the radio side of the event which saw enthusiasts setting up at mills to contact fellow fans around the globe.

Operators made contacts as far afield as Australia, with up to four stations working at once at Weybourne Mill which was built in 1850 and operated as a working mill well into the twentieth century, but is now a private home.

Tim Chapman used Morse code, while Ken Holloway was in data-mode, which appears as text on a computer, and was able to link up with Mexico and Cuba.

Duncan Cooper excelled himself by joining in a conversation with some Australian stations on the Sunday morning, before the Aussies went to bed.

This was the first outing of the season for the Bittern DX Group. For members of the public who might like to come along and see an amateur radio station in operation, the group will have a demonstration station at the North Norfolk Country Fair on May 29.

Their full calendar appears on the website The group also runs training courses for anyone interested in learning about amateur radio. Details and information about these may be obtained from Duncan Cooper or by telephoning Linda Leavold, the club secretary, evenings and weekends only at (01692) 404154.

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