Queen to celebrate her birthday in Norfolk

The Queen will be heading to Sandringham next month. Picture: Chris Bishop

The Queen pictured at West Newton near Sandringham in early 2020 - Credit: Archant

The Queen is celebrating her 96th birthday at her Norfolk estate and is expected to be joined by family shortly.

The monarch is expected to fly by helicopter from Windsor Castle to Sandringham in west Norfolk after an eventful Easter break that saw the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit her.

Prince Harry has said his grandmother was “on great form” when they met before he and his wife Meghan travelled to Holland for the Invictus Games.

But he pointedly added he wanted to make sure she was “protected” and had “the right people around her”, but did not elaborate in an interview with NBC’s Today show whether he was referring to palace aides or the royal family.

The Queen has been experiencing mobility issues in recent months and has cancelled appearances at a number of high-profile events, but she did attend Prince Philip’s memorial service and has continued carrying out her duties of state and hosting virtual events.

Her Majesty will celebrate her 96th birthday on Thursday, April 21 and is likely to be visited by family and friends in the coming days.

It is thought the monarch will stay at the Duke of Edinburgh’s cottage Wood Farm while at Sandringham, a property she said her late husband “loved” and part of its attraction was because the “sea was so close”.

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The Queen commented on the property when she hosted a rare public event at Sandringham on February 5, on the eve of her Platinum Jubilee.

Teresa Thompson, 70, the retired housekeeper of Wood Farm, said after chatting to the Queen that day: “All the royal family loves Wood Farm because it’s out of the way, it’s small, it’s intimate. You haven’t got lots of officials and household, it’s just the close staff.

“And they literally can relax in the family house, it’s wonderful. I had a wonderful 22 years down there, it was the best time of my life without a doubt.”

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