Puma cub born at Cromer zoo

Cromer zoo puma cub with head keeper Imogen Burgoyne

Cromer zoo puma cub with head keeper Imogen Burgoyne - Credit: Archant

She is only a few weeks old but this 'baby' is already showing the feline feistiness of the big cat she will grow into one day.

Cromer zoo puma cub having a "hissy fit"

Cromer zoo puma cub having a "hissy fit" - Credit: Archant

The puma cub is a new arrival at Cromer's Amazona zoo - where they think she is a she, but won't know for sure until next set of jabs in a few days' time.

Cromer zoo puma cub's mum Blackie

Cromer zoo puma cub's mum Blackie - Credit: Archant

And while she is already creating the 'ah factor' for zoo visitors, there are signs she is already sharpening her little claws.

Head keeper and site manager Imogen Burgoyne said: 'She is very cute but she has been hissing at the public - she has got a bit of attitude, just like her mum.'

Mum is six year old Blackie, who has been at the zoo since it opened five years ago. Dad is Marley who arrived three years ago.

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Miss Burgoyne said Blackie had been doing a lot of loud miaowing when she was in season, just like she would to attract a mate in the wild, where pumas were solitary beasts

Marley took the hint and after a 90-day gestation the cub was born - blind and about the size of a rabbit. It was now starting to get active, privacy screening was being taken down from the pen windows and the public would now be able to see more of the new arrival.

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In the long-term the puma is likely to head to another zoo, because when it grows up it will be a rival to either of its parents.

It is the first big cat baby to be born at the zoo, and there were plans to get a local school to help with a name, once the sex was established.

There continue to be reports and speculation about big cats roaming around Norfolk. But zoo owner Ken Sims added that Blackie's miaowing, which could be heard a long way away, had failed to lure any of them to the attraction off Hall Road.

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