Protesters launch petition against west Norwich post office closure

Customers and councillors who object to the closure of a Norwich post office are to protest today.

The Larkman Lane post office shut on Monday following the closure of the Co-op store in which it was located, and the new tenant is keen to become the new subpostmaster.

However, Post Office Limited is asking the potential postmaster to pay up to �44,000 in start up costs, say Green Party campaigners who are planning to protest at 10am this morning.

As the position would be paid solely on commission, the high start-up fee is likely to prevent him taking on the branch.

The Green Party has launched a petition calling on the Government to require Post Office Limited to cancel the �44,000 start-up fee so that the Post Office can be re-opened and will be collecting signatures today.

Adrian Ramsay, Green Party deputy leader, said: 'This Government promised not to close any more post offices but they are making it difficult for new postmasters to take on branches.

'If the Government is serious about protecting post offices then they will require Post Office Limited to cancel this huge start-up fee.'

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Caroline Brimblecombe, Green Party councillor for Wensum ward, said many elderly and disabled people relied on having a branch nearby, adding: 'I hope that Post Office Limited will take swift action to ensure that a post office service is available on Larkman Lane.'

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