Protest over incinerator plans held in King’s Lynn

Campaigners fighting plans to build an incinerator on the edge of King's Lynn staged a public protest yesterday.

They waved placards to demonstrate their opposition to the scheme and released 10 balloons to symbolise toxins that could be released from the incinerator into the atmosphere.

One thousand postcards to the Queen, asking for her to express their concerns over the incinerator to the Prime Minister.

The protest was held at the fountain at The Walks in King's Lynn on Saturday morning and early afternoon.

Organiser Joanne Russell said: 'We wanted to stage a small peaceful protest to express our opposition to the incinerator and to let people know how we feel.

'The balloons idea was to make a symbolic gesture and also to get children involved in the campaign.

'The whole campaign is about safeguarding our children's futures so we felt it important to get them involved.'

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