Protesters to demonstrate outside hospital to call for new building

Protesters gathered at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn.

Protesters gathered at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn in April to protest that nothing had been done to replace the crumbling building. - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

Protesters will gather outside the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to back calls for there to be a new build for west Norfolk.

It follows a protest last month outside the King's Lynn hospital as part of a campaign to raise awareness about the current situation of the hospital.

The EDP launched a campaign in March after it was revealed parts of the hospital roof had to be propped up to stop them falling in. Currently around 194 props are said to be holding it up.

The planned demonstration will take place outside the hospital on Wednesday, May 5 at 4pm to "raise awareness" of the need for a new hospital. The QEH was built with an expected working life of 30 years in the late 1970s.

Organisers say the protest will coincide with rush hour traffic and protestors, who will be holding placards, hope to add to the pressure to see a new hospital and a funded maintenance programme.

Jo Rust said: “We know that there’s a desperate need for a new hospital and for funding to maintain the current building.

Jo Ruse at the protest to encourage a rebuild of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn.

Jo Rust, Secretary of King’s Lynn and District Trades council, at the protest in April to encourage a rebuild of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn. - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

"This won’t come to fruition unless we show that the people in King’s Lynn care deeply about this matter and are willing to take action to get it.

"We plan to hold weekly demonstrations to ensure that the public remain aware of the need”. 

Others in the community have described the campaign as "absolutely vital", saying it is a shame staff working at the hospital have to do so in these conditions.

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Planks had been deemed faulty and steel work to support them had to be carried out.

The hospital's critical care unit had previously been forced to shut and some patients were moved to other wards while remedial work took place.

The QEH was not included in the list of 40 hospitals given the go-ahead to begin work on rebuilds announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson last year. It is now one of 16 from which eight will be chosen to be rebuilt between 2025 and 2030.

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