Protect your heating fuel, Norfolk Police urge

Protect your heating oil this winter –police are urging Norfolk residents, farms and businesses.

Rising fuel costs are making fuel tanks extra-attractive, so officers are offering free crime prevention surveys, tips and advice to deter thieves.

DS Jessop from the dedicated RADAR team at Norfolk Police, said: 'People with heating oil tanks have potentially hundreds of pounds sitting in their garden. People look after their valuables such as laptops and jewellery inside the home, so it makes sense that people apply the same care to their property on the outside.

'It is worth the relatively small outlay to protect your tank and its contents. Oil is an expensive commodity and everyone needs to do their bit to prevent losses – I'd urge people to remain vigilant for suspicious activity around oil tanks in their community. If you know anyone or have any information that leads to the identity of fuel thieves then please contact us.

'We are offering the crime prevention survey so people can be safe in the knowledge that they have taken pro-active advice and action to protect their tanks and fuel.

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'In addition, if a stranger knocks and your door to try and sell you heating oil at a discounted price, be wary.

'It is likely the individual will be a rogue trader so you should decline and immediately call the police. Always buy from a reputable source.'

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For more information or a free crime prevention survey, email or call 0845 4564567 to speak to a crime prevention officer.

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