Proposed biogas plant at West Lexham could create 30 jobs

A proposed biogas energy plant near Swaffham could create up to 30 jobs.

West Lexham Biogas Limited will begin consulting on its plans to build a waste recycling plant and anaerobic digester (AD) at a disused quarry near the village later this month.

The plant will generate green electricity using waste from the food and drinks industry, reducing the amount of rubbish going to land fill and also producing organic fertiliser.

Residents and local councils are being invited to an exhibition about the project in Castle Acre on November 10 and a planning application is expected to be submitted in December.

The company is being driven by Teun Smits, who has experience in developing and operating AD plants in Holland, and by Qualiflex Biproduct Solutions Limited (qbs), a Bury St Edmunds-based company specialising in the sustainable transfer of waste products.

A spokesman said: 'As a country we landfill thousands of tonnes of waste food and drink. This project should be the first of a number of these units we will develop to process this waste across the country and we are delighted to have found a site which meets our East Anglian needs.

'The site has a good road network and is in a hidden part of the landscape away from residential properties. This plant should produce approximately 30 new jobs for the area and the construction work will also provide employment opportunities.'

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Gases produced during the digestion of waste are pumped into gas engines to create electricity while the resulting 'digestate' will be made available to local farms for use as an organic fertilizer.

Landowner, Niels Olesen, added: 'As someone who is passionate about alternative energy production, I am delighted to be working with such a knowledgeable company. 'The infrastructure is here and the former gravel working is a logical brownfield site for a use such as this. We hope to gain local support for this exciting project'.

The exhibition will be held at Castle Acre Village Hall, in Pye's Lane, from 4pm to 7pm on November 10 and there will be the chance to answer questions.

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