Project is helping filmmakers in Yarmouth and Lowestoft

Storybored filmmaking project. From left to right it is: Dale Hood, Natasha Mickleburgh, Fabian Amis

Storybored filmmaking project. From left to right it is: Dale Hood, Natasha Mickleburgh, Fabian Amis, Tom Scannell, Daniel Coates, Anais Ribery, Callum Howard, India Smith - Credit: Callum Howard

Fledgling filmmakers from Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft will have the chance to work with industry professionals this weekend, to hone their skills.

Former Seagull theatre manager and BAFTA nominee John Hales

Former Seagull theatre manager and BAFTA nominee John Hales - Credit: Archant

It's all part of a project called 'Storybored?', run by July14: Pay It Forward CIC and funded via the National Lottery Awards for All scheme.

The idea is to give people the chance to tell their own stories and make short films with the support of industry professionals.

And it has given those with an interest in film, but maybe not the resources to get going, a chance to get hands-on in the industry.

Now after lots of preparation the group will meet at the Seagull Theatre in Lowestoft, joined by actor Reece Ritchie, for a weekend workshop.

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Mr Ritchie, who recently starred with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in Hercules said: ''Storybored?' is a great project offering training in all aspects of filmmaking to people over 17 in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft and I'm delighted to be able to help out and share some of my experiences.'

Daniel Coates, 24, from Gorleston, said: 'There's not much support or opportunity beyond college for people in our area, so when this came along and it was free, I signed up straight away.

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Mr Coates, who wants to be a director, added: 'I wanted to get involved because I've always wanted to make films, I've been doing a bit of everything from coming up with ideas to directing.'

One of filmmakers from Lowestoft, Callum Howard, said: 'It's just a great opportunity to meet and learn from people that are doing what we love and aspire to do too.'

Project leader John Hales said: 'We're very lucky to have Reece to work on all things acting related with the team. He's not only a brilliantly talented actor, he's done so much is such a short space of time and worked with some of the best and most successful directors in the business at the moment including Peter Jackson, Sir Peter Hall, Brett Ratner and Mike Newell. The team are revved up to meet and work with him as well as the other mentors of course.'

The other mentors include producer and writer Richard Hart who also ran one of the largest post-production houses in London, Molinare.

'I'm really looking forward to meeting the students,' said Mr Hart, who will be showing students the tricks of the trade in producing and post-production, as well as on each of the six films the teams will be making.

The team will also be working with cinematographer, visual effects artist and producer Ernesto Herrmann. Mr Herrmann will then help teams to shoot their films over the next two months.

Sound designer Vincent Leleu completes the expert line-up.

Mr Hales added: 'With 'Storybored?' and our Zombie Res project with the People's Health Trust, it's a very exciting time and we're going to be able to offer things that aren't usually possible in the area so we're very grateful and looking forward to working in Lowestoft and Yarmouth now.'

Anyone that would like more information about Storybored can email

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