Project aims to preserve 64 years of Bradenham Cricket Club’s history

Patrick Dewing in ungoing a project to put all of Bradenham Cricket Club's records online since 1951

Patrick Dewing in ungoing a project to put all of Bradenham Cricket Club's records online since 1951. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

One man has embarked on a remarkable project to preserve 64 years of a cricket club's history.

Patrick Dewing has spent the last two years putting all of Bradenham Cricket Club's score books since 1951 on to statistics website

He began the task after hearing about other clubs carrying out similar projects and realising that Bradenham still had most of the club's books since the 1950s.

However he has now discovered that a number of books are missing and is hoping to be able track down results from the club's opponents.

Mr Dewing, who has played with Bradenham for over 30 years, said: 'While doing the project it has uncovered the fact that four or five books are missing.

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'I am trying to appeal to the clubs who may have played against us in those years. The fact we have lost ours doesn't mean they have.

'It is something that players like to look at.

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'We have our scorebooks on display in the pavilion which I think is quite unique.

'Visiting players like to come and have a look and see their relatives names or their own 20 or 30 years before.'

Books which are missing from recent years include the second team books from the 1984, 1985 and 1994 seasons along with a first team book from 2005.

The books from 1965 and 1969 are also missing, when Bradenham only had a single team, however Mr Dewing accepts it will be very difficult to track the teams involved down.

The project has meant that players are now able tot rack their own personal records and statistics.

'What's been happening this season is people who have been playing in the 80s and 90s onwards have been able to get an idea of their stats,' Mr Dewing said. 'It is almost like a living thing, if they get a 50 they see that added to their total runs.

'It means we are able to look at milestones, say 100 wickets or 100 appearances and look at where people come on the overall leader board.'

A life-long fan of cricket Mr Dewing has collected copies of Wisden, the cricket almanac, since his teenage years.

He has been involved with Bradenham Cricket Club for as long as he can remember, now holding the role of treasurer, with his father and grandfather playing for the team. Now in turn his own son, Will, is playing for Bradenham's first team.

He said: 'I didn't really realise that I was coming to an end of it.

'I was just adding bits to it in my lunch hour and now and again and then suddenly I had finished the last book.

'I became a bit obsessed with it I must admit.'

Anyone who thinks they can help with Mr Dewing's project should contact him at

Are you carrying out a project at your club? Contact Doug Faulkner at

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