Prime Minister pledges final stage of A11 dualling to be underway within four years

David Cameron has delivered a personal pledge that the final stage of A11 dualling will be underway within the next four years – and he is now being pressed for an early start.

As if to underline the importance of the issue to the governing coalition, an inquiry from Norwich South MP Simon Wright led Prime Minister's Question Time yesterday after emergency exchanges on Egypt and Afghanistan.

The PM said that all politicians who visited the 2009 Norwich North by-election must have appreciated the strong case for total dualling of the main Norwich/London highway.

He stressed that funding for this 'important' project was guaranteed in a spending review bringing �30bn of improvements to the transport infrastructure by 2015.

And he added that the Highways Agency is currently working out how full dualling can be delivered, with construction certain to begin by the end of the review period.

Afterwards Mr Wright said he was 'very pleased' with the PM's response confirming that the money was in place and that the economic case for the scheme was fully accepted.

'I will continue to press the point at every opportunity,' he continued. 'Obviously I hope we can start well before 2015 – the sooner dualling is delivered, the sooner we will get a big boost in economic growth and jobs.'

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The EDP has been campaigning with a united front of East Anglian political and business leaders for complete All dualling since 1984.

Realisation of our dream of a truly capital road link via widening the remaining single carriageway between Thetford and Barton Mills would cost �134m but bring as much as �500m in benefits to the regional economy.

It has been estimated that a first-class road link from Norwich to London would cut journey times at peak periods by up to 25 minutes.