Primary school in Aldborough is feeling disconnected after being without internet since the start of term

Aldborough Primary School has been without internet since the new year which has impacted the school

Aldborough Primary School has been without internet since the new year which has impacted the school's ability to teach in lessons. Pictured is Head teacher Mrs Tina Casburn and pupils Rex Stilwell. Picture: MARK BULLIMORE

For today's younger generation, life BI (Before Internet) seems like the Dark Ages.

But youngsters at one north Norfolk school are experiencing the feeling of disconnection - after returning from the Christmas holidays to find their internet link was broken.

And the problem could run into February - prompting anger from Aldborough Primary headteacher Tina Casburn.

The school has been without internet connection because of a problem with provider BT Openreach. A cable to the school has been damaged by a storm, and it is proving difficult to fix.

With help from ICT Solutions at Norfolk County Council, the school is in touch with BT, which was unavailable to comment, to get a solution to the problem.

The school has been informed that BT needs to get permission to close a road to dig a hole which will sort out the problem. This could mean the school will be without internet until February.

Mrs Casburn said: 'BT reduced our lines outside the school a year and a half ago so they know how fragile our connectivity is, and they have done nothing to make it better.

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'They knew the situation all that time ago and now they're not treating it as an emergency.

'We were promised that we'd have a different line a while back and they've now decided that there is no space, time or money to fix the problem.

'It's proving very, very difficult to run a school. The access to the internet for our children is paramount. It's about 21st century education for them but at the moment their online resources have come to a standstill.'

There is the facility to upgrade the school's access to the ADSL connection, but actions for this have not been taken.

The school should also be able to get access to a super fast speed, only 800 yards away.

Mrs Casburn added: 'I am desperate to try and get it resolved, we are at the bottom of a run and I would just like any speed of internet at this time.'