Pregnant young woman left terrified after being slashed in Yarmouth street

The young woman was slashed across the face in a seemingly random attack in Great Yarmouth.

The young woman was slashed across the face in a seemingly random attack in Great Yarmouth. - Credit: Submitted

A pregnant young woman says she is too scared to leave her home after she was slashed across the face with a sharp object in a seemingly random attack.

Apsley Road, Great Yarmouth.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Apsley Road, Great Yarmouth.Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

The 20-year-old wishes to remain anonymous but wanted to tell her story 'so it goes far, so the man who did this gets caught.'

The woman, who is 18 weeks pregnant, was walking from her flat in Apsley Road, Great Yarmouth, to a nearby convenience store, when she was attacked at around 9pm on Monday.

She said: 'As I got near Kent Square there were two people who hid their faces, but I didn't think anything of it at the time.

'The next thing I heard a car door slam behind me and there were really heavy footsteps - walking, not running though.'

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She said the car was a black VW Golf.

And the next thing she knew was she felt something sharp across her face.

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Struck with terror she ran home where her neighbours helped her and called the police.

She now finds it difficult to sleep or leave her flat.

And she says she has no idea why she was targeted.

'I'm petrified,' she said. 'I don't want to go out. All my hormones were everywhere and I'd just managed to get my confidence up when this happened.

'The advice I'd give to young women is not to be walking alone around Great Yarmouth by yourself at night-time and people need to be careful.

'I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone.'

The woman's grandmother added: 'There have been two incidents of inappropriate behaviour towards young females in my family.

Norfolk Constabulary confirmed they were looking into the incident and would encourage anyone with any information to call 101.

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