Postman sentenced to jail for stealing mail in the Burgh Castle area

Norwich Crown Courtpicture by Adrian Juddfor EDP

Norwich Crown Courtpicture by Adrian Juddfor EDP - Credit: Archant

A postman has been jailed for three months after stealing mail from customers and hiding envelopes and packaging in his van.

Richard Ames, of Walpole Road, Great Yarmouth, was found guilty of four counts of theft between February 2014 and 2015.

Judge Anthony Bate yesterday told Norwich Crown Court that Ames had worked for the Royal Mail as part of the Great Yarmouth delivery office for 16 years, before he was 'dismissed in disgrace'.

He added that it was 'without hesitation but regret' that he had to sentence the 41 year old to prison.

The court heard the thefts were committed by Ames while he was a postman working in the Burgh Castle area, and the envelopes contained cash between £10 and £400.

Andrew Oliver, for Ames said: 'He was a loyal employee. He worked hard, did the same round for years and years and this had never happened before. He is a family man of good character and is capable of getting through his custody and coming out well at the other end.'

Mr Oliver added that he had been going through some personal issues and questioned whether the thefts were not for financial gain but rather there was something else on his mind, that led to him acting in an 'uncharacteristic way'.

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The court previously heard that the investigation started after the van used by Ames underwent repairs at a work shop in June 2015.

Searches of the van revealed four items of mail including a greeting card.

Judge Bate sentenced Ames to three months for each charge and they will run concurrently.