Postman Pat opens Hethersett school outdoor area

Young children at a Hethersett school had the chance to show off their new outdoor learning area to their families.

Parents were invited to join their children during a special activity day yesterday which included making outdoor decorations with CDs, covering a shed with colourful hand prints and creating 'potions' out of leaves at Woodside Infant and Nursery School.

The event celebrated the official opening of the outdoor space - which will be used by the school's nursery children - presided over by Postman Pat.

Headteacher Nicola Cushion said the children loved their new learning space.

'If you ask a child what was favourite part of their day they will say playtime outside so if we can take sessions outside then they are getting the best of both worlds,' she said.

'Learning outside helps children develop their muscles. We are trying to get them to hold pens so we give them paint brushes to paint the playground with water. It's about trying to give them a bigger space to use.

'They also get fresh air and they use the natural environment to learn which I feel is disappearing these days. Children are spending more time indoors so anything we can do to promote children going outside is a good thing.'

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