Poringland woman appeals for help in finding her two lost blue roan cocker spaniels

A woman from Poringland has spoken of her devastation at two of her dogs going missing.

Jenny Oates, who is in her 70s, fears they have been taken by somebody and is offering a reward for anybody who offers information that leads to the safe return of her two missing cocker spaniels.

Mrs Oates had been out walking her four dogs in Poringland Woods on Thursday when two of them did not return on her whistle.

She said: 'At about 1.40pm I whistled for my dogs but there was a dead silence. I went on whistling but there was nothing. They just vanished into thin air.'

She has contacted the police, extensively searched the whole area, and put posters up around Poringland, but she has not yet heard anything about their whereabouts.

Mrs Oates did not want to give the names of her two missing blue roan cocker spaniels but said they were mother and daughter. The mother is about eight-years-old and black with a smattering of grey and white. She has a large white streak on her flank and a small spot of white on her forehead.

The daughter is smaller, has a long tail and a small white triangle on her forehead.

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Both have been micro-chipped and have their home address and a South Norfolk District Council tag on their collar.

'They are both very biddable, obedient and loving,' she said, adding that they were very much missed by her other two dogs.

'We are all devastated. It is just too awful,' she said

Anybody with information about the two dogs should call Mrs Oates on 01508 492425 or call Mrs Oates' friend Elaine Chapman on 07702 137962.

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