Poringland mother’s anger at Norwich car park fine as she was ‘breastfeeding baby’

Anna Scriven with her fifteen week old daughter Molly. Photo : Steve Adams

Anna Scriven with her fifteen week old daughter Molly. Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

The mother of a newborn child has been left furious after she was given a parking ticket while she claims she was caring for her baby.

Anna Scriven, 28, of Poringland, said she went over the free two-hour parking limit because she was breastfeeding and changing 15 week old daughter Molly's nappy in Mothercare, Norwich.

But her appeal has been turned down by a car park company, on the grounds that car park she parked in was not for Mothercare customers.

Mrs Scriven had parked in the car park by Riverside Retail Park but unknowingly she parked in the area only designated for Morrisons customers.

There are two other car parks on the site which serve other retail outlets in the shopping park, but Mrs Scriven said she was not aware of this.

She said she shopped in Morrisons and wandered around the retail park, before Molly needed breastfeeding and nappy-changing, so Mrs Scriven took her to Mothercare where there are baby-facilities.

It caused her to get back to the car one hour after the two-hour free parking had elapsed, resulting in a £50 parking ticket.

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'I accept I was over the two hours but it was a genuine mistake as I was breastfeeding my baby,' she said.

'It makes me annoyed as it seems like a stupid system if you have to move your car to go from Morrisons to Mothercare when they're so close.'

A ParkingEye spokesperson said: 'The motorist submitted an appeal relating to this parking charge but did not to provide any proof of purchase.

'The Mothercare visited by the motorist is not serviced by the Morrisons Norwich car park.

'There is clear and adequate information on 25 signs across the site detailing the terms and conditions.'

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